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Can I ship furniture, cars, or pets?

We do not offer freight shipping through Ship.com. You can purchase a shipping label through the USPS or the UPS, but must follow their guidelines when shipping a package. For USPS packages must be 108 inches in girth + length AND 70 pounds or less. Note that the length of the package is the longest side of the package.

To calculate the girth of a package multiple the height of the package times two and the width of the package times two then add them together. 

girth = heightx2 + widthx2

For UPS packages check out their guide on how to determine if you package is the right size. As long as the length of the package is less than 108 inches and the package weighs less than 150 pounds then you should be able to purchase a label!

They both have regulations against shipping live animals, so no pets can be shipped. Otherwise, ss long as your item fits within these guidelines then you can purchase a label with Ship.com!