Does update my orders in my ControlPad back office?

Sync up with and experience the magic of order snapshots! Every sync captures the latest orders from your ControlPad back office, while updates your back office as orders journey through the shipping process. But hold on tight before you start syncing, for there are a few things to know.

Things to know:

Thou shalt NOT set thy orders' status as Shipping prior to the sacred act of syncing with Keep thy orders as Unfulfilled, Pending, or Held until the syncing begins. Ignoring this decree may lead to order information woes and features losing their shine. Now that we're on the same page with order status...

Let's break this down:

An Unfulfilled (or Pending) order shall grace as 'Ready to ship.' Behold the choices that lie ahead! Purchase a label with a simple click or, if thou art a deliverer of goods in person, thou may opt to 'Skip Shipping' and carve a different path. The power is yours to wield. Sync forth and let the shipping journey unfold with joy!

But wait, there's more! Once USPS fulfills its duty and delivers the package, fear not the manual moving of orders. shall gracefully move them to Fulfilled (or Delivered in without thy intervention. Ah, the marvels of automation! Should thou choose to Skip Shipping for a particular order, fear not, for Fulfilled shall still embrace it automatically.

And lo, should a label face the fate of cancellation in, worry not. We shall remove the tracking number and revert the status back to Unfulfilled in both systems, restoring order and balance. In summary, an order's journey in ControlPad shall traverse the path from Unfulfilled to Shipping, and finally to Fulfilled.

Shipping, the majestic status that signals the commencement of the shipping process, while the customer awaits the precious package. Fear not, for all these status changes occur seamlessly through our integration, and thou canst check order status in any system at any time. Revel in the wonders of automation and watch thy orders flourish!