Why are my Square shipping addresses missing?

Updating Square Settings for Smooth Order Importing


If your Square orders are importing without a shipping address, you may need to update your Square settings.

In Square, navigate to Account & Settings > Email Notifications. Scroll to Transactional Emails and check:

  • Per Payment
  • Per Refund
  • Per Deposit
  • Online Store Order

Save your changes.

Why are my Square shipping adresses missing?

In Square, navigate to Invoices > Notifications and check:

  • Invoice Sent
  • Invoice Update
  • Invoice Paid

Why are my Square shipping adresses missing? 2

Save your changes.

That's it! To confirm if the changes were successful:

  1. Creating a new invoice in Square (sent to yourself)
  2. Pay the invoice and enter your shipping address
  3. Check your orders page to see if Ship.com processed the shipping address with your new order
  4. Cancel the order in Ship.com
  5. Refund the invoice in Square

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