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Why did I get an additional charge for my USPS package?

This article explains why there may be an adjustment to your USPS shipping costs after the package was delivered.

The USPS APV system is a helpful process for all online Click N Ship labels. When you buy a shipping label online, the USPS verifies that the shipping costs you've paid matches the package they receive. If there's a difference, they'll either give you a credit or apply an additional charge.
They will handle these adjustments in groups referred to as 'batches'. In each batch there may be several shipments that were processed together but that were shipped at different times.

Most Common Adjustments Are
Package is larger or smaller than on original shipping label

Package weighs more or less than on original shipping label

Package was dropped off in a different Zip Code

How to View Shipping Adjustments

To check your USPS Adjustments, head over to your Reports page and click on the Adjustment tab. The USPS sends these adjustments on a weekly basis in what are referred to as 'batches.' This means you might have several packages adjusted but only one charge for the week. When you look at the adjustment report, you'll see the total and date for each batch. Simply click on a batch to see individual package charges. In each batch, you could get a credit, a charge, or a mix of both. 


How to read the Adjustment Report

To understand why the USPS issued the adjustment, then you'll have to understand how to read your adjustment report. This chart explains what each column means.

Date The date the adjustment was processed
Order Number   The order number that is associated with the shipping label
Tracking The tracking number that is associated with the shipping label
Adj Rate The price difference in what was shipping purchased and the package the USPS received
From Postal Code   The From Zip Code where the package will be shipped from
Adj Postal Code The Zip Code of the Post office that received the package
Service  The type of shipping service chosen 
Adj Service The type of shipping service processed
Package  The type of package reported at purchase
Adj Package   The type of package processed
Weight    The weight of the package reported at purchase
Adj Weight The weight of package processed
Dimensions The dimensions of the package reported at purchase
Adj Dimensions The dimensions of the package processed


Understanding What the Changes Mean

When reading the adjustment report it's important to compare the values that were reported when you purchased the shipping label versus what the USPS processed through their Automatic Postage Verification process. This chart will help you understand why there was a shipping cost correction for any of the adjustments made. If multiple values are different then the adjustment may be much higher than the original cost.

From Zip Code is Different

This means the From Zip Code is different than the post office that received the package. Since the USPS calculates postage on the From Zip code provided at purchase then there may be an adjustment to the total cost of the shipping for that order.
Service is Different When Shipping Ground Advantage you cannot use any package material that has 'Priority' markings. If you do have any Priority markings on the package then the service type might be adjusted which would affect the total cost of the shipping for that order.
Package is Different If you are shipping in a bubble mailer or a poly mailer and the width of the package exceeds three inches then the USPS may adjust the postage type to parcel. Since the USPS gives discounts on smaller and thinner packages then this would call for an adjustment in the total cost of the shipping for the order.
Weight is Different Since the USPS bases the cost of the shipping on how much the package weighs, then even a small adjustment to a weight could put the package in a different weight category. This would require an adjustment in the total cost of the shipping for the order.
Dimensions are Different Since the USPS gives a discount on smaller and lightweight packages, then even a slight adjustment in the dimensions of the package could mean the difference between cubic pricing and weight base pricing which would affect the total shipping cost.
Unsure of the Difference Can't tell what is different on the report? Please feel free to contact our support team at help@ship.com for additional assistance.


Do I get a credit if I pay too much?

Yes, if you purchase too much postage then you may receive a credit. We always recommend being as accurate as you can when purchasing shipping labels. The credit will be applied to your Ship.com Account Balance and you can see your credit in your shipping reports. 

How do I pay for an adjustment?

If your batch of adjustments requires a payment then there are a few ways the funds can be paid. If there is less than $25 owed then we'll remove the total from your Ship.com account balance. If more than $25 is owed then you'll receive an invoice for the total owed. After 7 days the invoice will automatically be charged through your payment method on file. If you have any questions reach out to support. 

My Balance is negative now, how do I pay?

The funds will be removed from your Ship.com Account Balance unless the amount is higher than $25. If the amount due is more than what is in your Account Balance then your balance may go negative. This is so that you do not receive an unexpected charge on your payment method. If your balance is negative you can continue to purchase shipping per usual the next time you are on your account. When you purchase a label, then your payment method will be charged your Auto Reload Amount plus the Negative Balance. After that initial label purchase then you will only be charged next based on your Auto Reload Amount.


Still have questions or concerns? Contact our support team at help@ship.com