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How do I know which postage option to pick?

Answers to Frequently asked questions about the different shipping options available for purchase through Ship.com

How do I know which postage option to pick?
The best postage option for you is going to vary on several factors.  Weight, dimensions, packaging type, insurance, and how quickly you need the package to ship, will all be important in making this decision.  This article will help in making the best postage choice!


What postal couriers can I purchase shipping from?

At this time we offer both USPS and UPS for your shipping needs. We offer several postage options through both companies and display all postage options on the same page so you can pick the best postage option for your package. Check out this postage guide for more information!  


Can I purchase an international label?
Currently we are only able to provide postage for shipping within the US. If you’d like to ship internationally please contact our support team to submit a feature request.


How do I purchase a label when using my own packaging?

You have two options when using your own packaging: Ground Advantage (Formerly First Class) and Custom Package.  If your fully packed package weighs 15.9 oz or less, you will be able to utilize the Ground Advantage (Formerly First Class) option.  Anything over 16 oz will need to be shipped using the USPS Custom Package or through any UPS option. 


How do I weigh my package?

You will want to weigh your package after all contents have been secured inside the package. We highly recommend using a mail scale to get an accurate weight or you may be subject to additional postage charges.


How do I measure my package?
You will want to measure the dimensions of your package after you have secured the items inside.  You will need to enter the correct Length, Width, and Height.  If the package is in an envelope the Height would refer to smallest side of the package and will need to be accounted for when purchasing postage.  


How do I get a Regional Rate or Flat Rate box/envelope?
Flat Rate and Regional Rate are convenient options for those that are shipping items a bit heavier. USPS provides Flat Rate and Regional Rate packaging materials for no cost and can be ordered directly from their website.  


Do you support USPS soft pack cubic?
Yes we do! If you are looking to utilize the Cubic Soft Pack postage option then you will want to use our Custom Package option under USPS.  Fill in the dimensions and weight then select ‘Confirm Weight’. We will process the information given and provide you with the best postage price between Cubic Soft Pack and Priority Weight Based.  


What is USPS Ground Advantage?
As of July 9th, 2023 USPS merged their Retail Ground, First Class Package and Parcel Select Ground services into one single service. Ground Advantage is a more affordable and reliable way to ship packages inside of the US in 2-5 business days.