Order Management

Answers for frequently asked questions about managing orders within Ship.com

Can I cancel an order?
To remove orders, follow these simple steps. First, locate the order you wish to remove and click on the three-dot menu located to the right of the order. From the dropdown menu that appears, select "Cancel Order." Please note that canceling an order will not completely remove it from the system. Instead, it will be moved to the bottom of the queue and marked as "Canceled." It's important to know that any information related to canceled orders will not be included in your End of Year report.


Can I combine orders?

Certainly! If you have multiple orders that need to be sent to the same customer, you can conveniently combine them using the "Merge Order" feature. To learn the step-by-step process of merging orders, you can refer to this article. It will guide you through the necessary steps to effectively merge your orders.  


How do I get a Quote for postage?
Finding a quote for shipping is a breeze with our Quote Calculator. You can access it on your orders page under your Shipping Balance or directly from your Homepage. Simply enter the zip code of the destination to instantly check the shipping cost without creating a new order for your customer. It's a quick and efficient way to get accurate shipping estimates in advance.


How do I link my Yahoo! email account?
Automatic forwarding of emails from your Yahoo inbox to a third-party email account is no longer a free feature for Yahoo Mail accounts. Because of this, we highly recommend that you use a Gmail or Outlook account when forwarding your mail for the sake of reliability. Otherwise, refer here for instructions.


Can I manually update the status of an order?
If an order is currently labeled as "Waiting for Payment," you have the option to manually update its status in order to purchase a label. To accomplish this, you can navigate to the three-dot menu located on the right-hand side of the order and choose either "Mark as paid" or "Purchase shipping label." By selecting one of these options, you can initiate the necessary steps to update the status and proceed with obtaining the desired label for the order.


Can I import orders from more than one account?
Yes!  You can easily import orders from multiple brands or payment processors into your Ship.com account.


How do I stop importing orders?
f you wish to halt the automatic importing of orders, the first step is to disable your email forwarding. The specific instructions for this process will depend on the email provider you are using, read here.


Why are my PayPal Shipping Addresses Missing?
The reason for encountering this issue is usually due to sending incomplete information regarding your orders. To resolve this, you can update your PayPal settings within your PayPal account. Here is an article for more detailed instructions on how to update your settings, which will guide you through the process effectively.