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What can I ship through Custom Package - Priority?

Simplified Shipping: Custom Priority Packages with USPS

Shipping a custom priority package

When using this postal option you can use your own boxes, envelopes, or poly-mailers. If you need packaging, USPS offers a convenient solution. They will ship pre-filled custom packaging to your door for FREE. To order the packaging, click on the links provided below. You will be redirected to USPS's website where you can place your order and have the packaging delivered to your door.

They have two options for priority mail: Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope and Priority Mail Shoe Box. 

You cannot use any of USPS's Flat Rate packaging when shipping a "custom package." We have separate prices for flat rate package. 


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Packaging Details

Poly-mailer vs. Bubble-mailer Dimensions: Varies

You can purchase these through Amazon or where ever you purchase your other postal needs.

Poly-mailers come in a variety of sizes and you can often purchase them in bulk or in a variety of colors. Poly-mailers are thin plastic envelopes that are good for shipping non-fragile items.

Bubble-mailers also come in a variety of sizes. These envelopes are a good option if your products need a little extra padding when shipping.


Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope

Dimensions: 11-5/8" X 15-1/8"(W)

This self-sealing envelope is a durable, water resistant shipping option that is good for documents or small items.


Priority Mail Shoe Box

Inside Dimensions: 7-1/2"(L) X 5-1/8"(W) X 14-3/8"(H)

Outside Dimensions: 7-3/8"(L) X 5-1/4"(W) X 14-7/8"(H)

This packaging was designed for clothing retailers and direct-to-customer businesses. Roughly the same size of a box of shoes, this item is good for clothing or multiple items orders.


Express Shipping

You can also purchase Express Shipping through our system when using Priority - Custom Package. You must use your own packaging when choosing this option. After entering the dimensions and weight, a price will appear under "Priority Express" to get a quote for express shipping the package. To find out more information about delivery times, visit USPS's helpful website.

To explore other postal options, visit our helpful postage breakdown